The Blonde in the Red T-Bird

When Star Prescott reluctantly takes her doctor’s advice to relax, she has no wish to spend any time away from her office, let alone three weeks in a cold dank castle keep in northern England. But when she investigates a strange noise down one of the dark corridors, she embarks on a journey that changes her forever. Colin Kendall, the man she encounters, seems familiar to her. Has she seen him somewhere before? Star quickly realizes she shouldn’t be in this place or this time, but it’s too late. Her presence has changed things. Now how does she fix the mess she made and give Colin the future he deserves?   Is there any way to protect her heart, or is it too late for that as well? Has she fallen in love with a man she shouldn’t even know? Is she out of time with Colin, or will they both wait for This Time Tomorrow?

A sweet short story. Everyone has a lost love in his or her past. What will happen to Robb when he goes back to Singapore and knocks upon the Lotus Covered Door?

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